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“Our hope for change lies in these young people who have not yet committed themselves to a flawed set of ideas, and whose eyes are more open”--- Joseph Stiglitz Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics, Columbia University

Young Professional Economists Network (YPEN) is a non-profit; non-partisan and an independent organization established to organize and train young professional economists across the world and help them to build a new economic thinking paradigm which is relevant to the 21st century and beyond.

YPEN seeks to bridge the gap between economic thinking and economic reality. We believe that the African continent needs new set of economic thinkers and new mindset - a thinking that reflects on the very economic reality of the continent. We believe that economic policies in Africa should be born out of experience and not out of any artificial and abstract thinking that seems not to be working any longer.

YPEN is therefore established to be the vehicle of change, by raising professional economists across the world who will seek to question the foundation of our current economic thinking and practices and establish relevant thoughts patterns. We also strongly believe that nurturing young minds on the economic realities is a sure way of safeguarding the African economy against any future economic mishaps. We network young economists both on the continent and in the diaspora who are interested to making a change through the economics profession together with other accomplished individuals in society. YPEN have established a network for learning and sharing of ideas. We therefore exist to help create young but holistic and socially responsible professional economists across the world.


Our Vision: 

The vision of the Young Economists’ Dialogue (YED) is to raise new economic thinkers who are going to positively impact the global economy in the 21st century and beyond.

Our Mission:

To become a positive tool globally, for championing the course of raising new economic thinkers and professionals. These professionals will be the vehicle to provoke and challenge the current economic thinking and establish new thinking that merits the 21st century and beyond.


YPEN seeks to approach the young professional economists from all walks of life and educate them through series of dialogue, correspondences as well as conferences and fora that will create different platforms for the exchange of economic ideas. We seek to provide a home for anyone who embraces critical thinking, intellectual discourse and a sensitive understanding of the greater political economy, the philosophy of science, and a variety of perspectives and means of modeling economic phenomena. Our programs are strategically modelled to attract young professionals globally and achieve our common vision of creating new generation of young global economic thinkers.

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